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SEUCK Enhancements - Building and linking a new front end to your SEUCK game

Our latest article is all about enhancing SEUCK games, by adding a new front end with a bitmap logo, nice colourful text, a smooth scroller and play music in the background. Warning - programming involved. A tutorial disk has also been included.

TND Tape Mastering - History and current usage
Our latest attempt at tape mastering games for the TND web site, using Martin Piper's great Autoboot IRQ Turbo Tape loader source. Find out more about our crazy version of this loader here.

Interview with Joe (Beyond Reproach) Dixon
Creator and contributor of the Sexy Robot games series, Joe gets asked a few questions. Well, a lot really about the Sexy Robot series, C64 and other things in general.

Alan Cartridge - The Cartridge files (Part 1)
Classic C64 gamer, Wayne Womersley shares great memories about classic C64 games that were released on cartridge. This chapter takes a look at some classic games by Atarisoft.

Alan Cartridge - The Cartridge files (Part 2)
Wayne takes a look at some more classic C64 catridge games by Parker Brothers.

Alan Cartridge - The Cartridge files (Part 3)
Wayne goes back to the nineties and takes a look at Space Gun by Ocean Software

Alan Cartridge - The Cartridge files (Part 4)
Back to the nineties again with Batman the Movie by Ocean Software

Alan Cartridge - The Cartridge files (Part 5)
One for the YAK fans out there. This time Wayne delivers a review about HESware's AMC (Attack of the Mutant Camels)

DMC Music Compo 2005
The official music competition to arrange and compose music using DMC music editor. We only had 3 entries, but it is still worth trying those out :o)

Grid Zone Remix compo
The actual competition to design a casette inlay for Grid Zone remix. The winner recieves a free tape of the game, itself. Winner announced!

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010
Back in January/February 2010, I launched a C64 compo which was to create a sideways scrolling S.E.U.C.K creation. The winner of the competition was announced, and the prize was a major enhancement of their game production. It was overwhelming with the number of entrants that too part in this competition. A huge thank you to all of the entrants.

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011
Back in 2011, the Sideways scrolling Left SEUCK compo's born. Yet again, for those wannabe and professional sideways SEUCK game makers out there.

Vertical Scrolling SEUCK Compo 2010
A competition where you create a vertical scrolling game using Senble Software's Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit. The winning game will get power ups and major enhancements added to their game. A real must for SEUCK fans/SEUCK game developers out there.