All productions on this page consist of various music disks I had done in the past or present.
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3/11/2018 - Latest entries:

SEUCK Buster V2.0

Kernal Basic Linker V1.0

Loader Game Tape Master Kit III

Koala Paint Picture + Music Linker V1.0

Thunderload Multi-Load Companion Tool V1.0

To be able to use these following files. You will need to transfer the .D64/.PRG images to a real Commodore 64 using an XE1541 cable with Star Commander (you can also use XM1541-cable with Starcommander and with userport driver under XP too Wink ) Alternatively, you can download one of those three highly recommended C64 emulators.

HOX's 64

Alien Formation Maker V1.0 (2016)
If you program games, and stuff like that (or just want have a little toy to play around with). Then Alien Formation Maker V1.0 is just the too for you. This program allows you to record your own sprite movement, and generates a 256 byte table for X position, and a table for Y position of the sprites. This tool features a record and playback of the alien formation and allows you to load/save your own sprite formations. F1, F3, F5 and F7 (in record mode) will allow you to set the speed of the sprite movement. If you wish to mix the speed be careful to not stop the joystick, and let it go when pressing the FUNCTION keys. The stoppage is also recorded :)

Alien Formation Maker V1.0+ (2016)
This is an improved version of the same program above. A couple of bugs have been fixed. So this version is most recommended to be used instead. The bugs fixed are as follows:
- Directory option clears screen before displaying the directory (After viewing the dir. Press SPACEBAR to exit it :)
- Recording of formation didn't write to memory correctly, which made sprite movement out of place, when I tried to playback the data using a standalone program. The tables were not initialized properly. Due to a hi-byte pointer writing the the lowbyte target instead. 

Anywhere Muzax Master V1.0 (1999)

In my beginner years of programming/hacking on the Commodore 64, I created various useless crap and this is unfortunately one of those which people probably could have done without. It is a simple BASIC program that allows you to play ripped music by loading it in and setting up the music INIT and PLAY addresses. Ah well, that's 1999 for you :o)

Blaze Noter V1.0 (2004?)

This is a small 1 page noter, that allows you to make 1 page messages. The noter uses BASIC input inside machine language. The program was not programmed in BASIC, so don't try listing it :o)

Bubble Noter V1.1 (2001)

Still in my beginner years programming, I wrote another note writer in 2001 called Bubble Noter V1.1. This was a pretty fun 1 page note writer which also contains bubbles. Unfortunately very restrictive to use, but it sure was fun to make.

Bubble Noter V1.2 (2001)

A second version of this small note maker, but still with restrictions. Some flashing was added and also an option to set up the colour of the screen too.

Colour Fantastic (2001)

SEUCK users would have been in for a treat with this utility, but with restrictions. This utility allows you to create new front ends and link those to your own SEUCK games. It comes with instructions, but as it was 2001, it was still a learning curve for me to program useful sources.

Digi Organizer + $1000, $1003 Music Player V1.0 (2005)

Ever wanted to mix Digi Organizer modules and example tunes together? Well, this program certainly did the trick. You are able to design your own screen mask, load in music in Voicetracker or Goat Tracker format, and also Digi Organizer modules. Handy for some, but not for everyone.

DRAZ Paint Viewer (2001)

A little utility I wrote for displaying pictures that have been drawn in Draz Paint by Noice.

Extreme Demo Maker V1.0 (2004)

A fun little demo maker, that doesn't do much, except for display pictures painted in Koalapaint and also swirling sprites, and play music in the background. There is also a little scroll text writing option for you to write your own scrolling message, greetings, etc and also load in your own music. This is also another utility that got released on the Commodore Scene cover disk.

EZ Linker 1.0 (2002)

A rather useless linker. Loads multiple files, then saves it all as one huge file. .

Handy Pack V1.0 (1999)

A mini compilation of Disk BASIC programs with various pointless utilities. This also got released on the Commodore Scene cover disk as well. Why the heck did I submit this or create it in the first place?

Menu Destroyer is a simple program that will remove/scratch any unprotected programs which is named menu, so that you can add a new menu on to your disk. Very pointless and stupid. But hey, I was a student in those times :o)

Easy-Peasy Formatter. Well, you can format your disk at a BASIC speed, (slow). Still yet again pointless.

C64 Toilet V1.0 allows you remove unprotected files that you no longer want on disk. It basically scratches the file from your disk. (Where does the toilet come in to it? Well, if you press '3' you'll see. :o)

Masterloader. Is it a tape mastering program? NO, it's yet another thick, stupid and pointless tool, which you enter a filename on disk and load and run it. BAH!

All in all, this is a crap compilation I did in those days. Haha!

Jammy Packer (2003)

A joke compactor, written for the Useless Tool Compo at Vision 2003 party.

Kernal Basic Linker V1.0

Are you experiencing trouble mastering your own C64 creations to tape using Tape Master Pro, Multi-Load master kit, or Loader Game Tape Master Kits, or any other kind of tape loader? This program links a patch before the decruncher of your main program so that you can master your games to tape more safely. Before you use this program, the TND intro reads spacebar, and moves the cursor forward one position. Press DELETE to move the cursor back to the correct position.

Koalapaint 2 Frame Picture Animator V1.0 (2010)

So then, have you ever wanted to create 2 frame picture animation demos and play music? Well, this is probably the tool for you. An improved version might be made later on this year, for example music INIT + PLAY options and probably also a scroll text option. The main reason for why I created this tool is detailed in the note file supplied inside the .D64. The program also contains a public domain utility by Morris/Agony called "Dark Packer V3.1", which to my general opinion is a very useful and pretty cool fast packer for squeezing the file size down after saved as a final animation demo.

Koalapaint Picture + Music Linker V1.0

Back in the mid-late 1980's there were various good KoalaPaint picture linkers by the Beastie Boys, and CFB, but none of those tools allowed you to load in your own custom music player based at $1000-$1fff. So I decided to created one of my own. This tool is very simple to use, it allows you to link a game with a BASIC SYS call, to a picture displayer and play music in the background. The linker also has a nice little transition, while drawing the picture. If you decide to use the picture linker in your game productions. Use $0810 as jump address.

Loader Game Tape Master Kit

This is a tape mastering tool, which allows you to write your own programs which use a BASIC SYS call (IE SYS2061, etc) to tape with a high speed tape loader and one of my two loader games. Moo-Tilation or Happy Blocks. The options can be selected via Joystick in port 2 or emulated joystick. Then it is up to you to master your own games to tape automatically. Make sure filesize is not BIGGER than 135 blocks, else the mastering will fail. The tape loader will not work on BASIC programs or some programs - unless you program routines that will initialise the whole machine. Also tested to be 1541U2 compatible :)

Want to get started:

Before using my tape master tools, maybe you may want to work out how to get the BASIC SYS call as hexadecimal. Using a M/C monitor in the Action/Retro Replay Cartridge (Or Tasm/Codenet) type in the following command:

N 2061

Result will show in the console output:


So, if you need to find your BASIC SYS start address. Type LIST. Then use the N command in the M/C monitor.

Loader Game Tape Master Kit 2

This is a second installment of the tape mastering tool, which allows you to write your own programs which use a BASIC SYS call (IE SYS2061, etc) to tape with a high speed tape loader and another two new loader games. Square Pit and the unused new loader game Blitz-A-Load (Which might be used some time in the near future). Select one of the two loader games you wish to use and get it all mastered to tape :) Loader system also uses load error detection and may support files larger than 138 blocks.

Loader Game Tape Master Kit 3

The third installment of the loader game tape master kit. This time you can master your own games to tape with Break Free, a crazy breakout game by Joonas Lindberg (Program size to master to tape Max 190 blocks). Or Zap 'n Load by Richard Bayliss (Program size to master to tape Max 125 blocks). NEW feature includes a loading stripes selector. (Select the EOR code for the black+whatever colour thick loading stripes) or select thin or classic multicolour loading stripes to suit your needs. Huge thank you goes to Joonas for kind permission for me to use Break Free.

Menu Maker (2001)

My very own attempt at making a disk menu program. Not bad for my first attempt, but it is pretty tricky to use. You have to manually input the name of the files and then afterwards rename all of your files on disk to A. to X. Nice to have music on this though.

Mini Notemaker V1.0 (2002)

Those 1-page noters still roll on. Yes, it is another nice noter, but yet again with restrictions. You have to load your music and charset from BASIC. Not that bad noter, but editing wise, not all that good either. I still can use it now and then, so there's not much of a problem with that..

MSCK Charset Converter  (2001)

A small utility which I made that converts a normal charset into a charset for use with Multi Screen Construction Kit by J.Wells.

Noisy Notemaker (2003)

When will those 1 page note makers stop? Well, here's another simple one which I wrote for the 2003 programming compo. It never won, but it was something quick and probably is handy for very small 1 page notes. After the note displays, the characters use a different sound. Yet again not really that interesting.

Page Linker (2006)

A 1 page note linker, which can be used to write your own messages and then link them to your games.

SEUCK Buster V1.0 (2006)

A little utility that I created for Crypt. Unfortunately there's a major bug in this version as saving data is incorrect and screws up the graphics data of SEUCK games. Music plays okay, so you best save your SEUCK games with music using Action Replay cartridge.

SEUCK Buster V2.0 (2018)

Have you ever written some games using the Shoot Em Up construction kit. Are you bored with the old colour cycling colours. Do you want music on your own SEUCK games? If the answer to those 3 questions are YES, then SEUCK Buster V2.0 is just for you. It allows you to install title and/or in game music on to your very own game creations. It also gets PAL versions of SEUCK games to display most of the score panel on to NTSC machines. Full instructions are provided on the D64, also with some example tunes and also a newer version of CETI 21, to play around with the utility. New users should read the instructions first.

SEUCK Buster V1.1 (2006)

An improved version (Well, sort of) but this time I added an old packer to the utility, so that any time a SEUCK user has finished setting up the music and colour bars, they can enter the public domain packer F4CG SCR packer, by pressing 4. It was probably the best sort of packer I could find for this utility. Maybe I should do a version some time that will allow the user to add in game music as well as title music. Now that would be handy :o)

SEUCK With Gravity (2015)
An improved version (Well, sort of) but this time I added an old packer to the utility, so that any time a SEUCK user has finished setting up the music and colour bars, they can enter the public domain packer F4CG SCR packer, by pressing 4. It was probably the best sort of packer I could find for this utility. Maybe I should do a version some time that will allow the user to add in game music as well as title music. Now that would be handy :o)

This source allows you to generate your own games which features some form of gravity to the player in your SEUCK game. Now it is possible to sort of make Flappy Bird type of games, or whatever you want to build using the source code. Before you can do this, make sure you have the FINAL REPLAY with TASM/CODENET set on your 1541Ultimate or VICE, CCS64 or whatever. Since the code is all Sequential Turbo Assembler. We have also enclosed an example game to go with it, called "Silly Sheep". Which does of course require improving. So please feel free to improve the example game.

Sexy Formatter (1999)

Nothing really sexy about this tool. It was programmed in BASIC in 1999 and is a slow disk formatter as well.

Smart Logo Maker V1.0 (2007)

This is an improved version of Chico/Civita's hires bitmap to logo converter. This was originally turbo assembly source, but I could not resist to make a proper utility out of this one. Chico didn't mind this happening either as I did ask first.

Sprite Combination Tester (2010)

This is a little program that will test different values for the sprite properties, related to sprites on/off, multicolour, expansion and sprite behind background and displays the decimal POKE value which you can use to switch on/off sprite properties when you are programming games, etc.

Tape Master Pro V1.0 (2010)

Have you written games and wanted to add the classic loading appearence to you game on tape?.  Well this is the perfect tool for those of you who wish to make tape masters of your own games and load your games on tape with an autoboot turbo loader with music and loading picture. This utility comes with full documentation and some example files for you to play around with. (Sharkz II). The best part of this tool is the choice of the border stripes which you could choose from. From the classic Cyberload colours to a multicolour stripey border. The tape master utility itself has a wide range of options. Auto boot turbo loader/saver source was written by Martin Piper.

Tape Master Pro 2 (2012)

This is the new Tape Master Pro. This tape mastering utility uses a more intelligent IRQ loader system, which Martin Piper programmed. The loader system will indicate a load error, by showing a red border (with nothing else going on). This tape mastering utility allows you to write a loader scroll text, edit the colour of the scroll text. You can choose one of many of the loading stripes scheme (Boot loader will always use the multicolour. I got that boot idea based on Visi-Load :o). New in TMP 2 is a selection of tape loading speeds and the rest of the mastering is up to you. TMP 2 also comes with some example masters for some games from the TND web site. Enjoy reliving the tape loading saga (And hopefully you won't be throwing your datasette at the wall if you get a load error :o))

Tape Master Pro V2.1 (2012)

An improved version of Tape Master Pro, related to Tape Master Pro 2. General improvements are:

- Text editor - Speed of scroll can be chosen, to suit the loading program
- Loading stripes scheme - Scheme will also work on the boot loader system before the IRQ turbo tape system
- Boot loader - Plain black screen, with correct sized boot loader. V2.0 had experienced bugs in the boot loader
- Extra option - You can now enter the tape master after saving your program (If you choose to).

Tape Master Pro V3.0 (2016)

The third edition of the Tape Master Pro tape mastering system. This is the latest version of the tape mastering software. This tool consists of these features:

- Text options: Type your very own scroll text, set its speed, and also setup the loader's appearance after boot loader has finished.
- Loading stripes scheme - A huge choice of border flashes to choose from, when your tape is loading data, from the classic multicoloured scheme to a professional thin stripes scheme. Also includes border cycle editor for the EOR border cycle.
- Loading sprite - Enable/disable the flashing tape sprite, edit its colours, and also enable/disable the press spacebar feature (after your main program has finished loading from tape)
- Turbo speed - Select one of the 5 fast turbo tape speed
- Easier tape mastering: Master your very own prorgams with a BASIC RUN, up to 161 blocks single file to tape with a scroll text, a loading picture and music.
- Full documentation provided on .D64 and .txt format.
Tape Turbo by Martin Piper

TextER (2001)

A little and rather naff text editor I wrote in 2001.

Thunderload Multi-Loading Companion V1.0 (2017)

Somebody contacted me suggesting a program in which to make multi-load tape loading system for games that used Tape Master Pro, or any other software. I came up with this small solution. Behold - Thunderload Multi-Loading Companion V1.0. A tape mastering system for either a single file (with autoboot), just to load and run a game for your own C64 mixtapes, or similar. Or a programmer's tool for linking a multi-load tape system, with further programming required to implement the multi-loader system properly. Please note, this program doesn't use file chains. You need to manually type in the files accurately for a 100% turbo tape master. Full instructions are included in the .D64. Tape Turbo source by Martin Piper.

Ultrafont Intro Designer Studio (2003)

A small intro maker, which was originally given a prize for the 2003 JokeTRO compo I launched. Not a bad result either, for creating your own intros to link to your own programs. The main editing is very basic though, but overall this utility is pretty much handy.

Vidcom Crazy V2.0 (2001)

A utility I wrote that allows you to display pictures painted in Vidcom paint and add fade effects to the background with music playing..

Vidcom Crazy V3.0 (2001)

A little utility that allows you to display your own vidcom pictures and use cool colour fading routines. Pretty old, but a better version was made in for Commodore Scene 2002, which allowed you create you own scroll text as well as display your pictures with background colour fading.

Vidcom Crazy V4.0 (2002)

A final version of the Vidcom Crazy V4.0. As well as editing flash colours and display Vidcom Painter pictures, you're able to add your own scrolling message at the bottom of the screen. Something more fun compared to the version 3.0.

Vidcom Picture Stripper V1.0

A utility that will split Vidcom Paint files into 3 separate files (Bitmap, colour ram and video ram).