Richard's REAL music
All productions on this page consist of various music disks I had done in the past or present.
To download one of those collections, simply click on the yellow disk icon underneath the name.

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The following stuff here contains real music or C64 remixes which I have been doing myself. All tunes are in MP3 format and you are welcome to put those on to your IPOD, IPhone, programs, etc. Providing that it is all free. None of my tunes are allowed to be used for Commercial purposes!

Richard's own MP3 Music Compositions and own C64 Remixes

Style: Dance/Trance
Duration: 2:34

A dance track I done, which is a remix of the Legion of the Damned tape loader tune for the Commodore 64.

Dreaming City
Style: Techno/Trance
Duration: 4:09

A fast paced tune, which I composed using the Mad Tracker music editor.

Not My Day
Style: Dance/Trance
Duration: 3:31

This is yet another remix of a C64 tune I composed. This time, it is a tune called "Not My Day". This tune was arranged and composed using MadTracker and uses mainly the Drumatic and SuperWave P8 synth. Both of which were provided with this amazingly good music tracker utility. Pretty good stuff

Style: Disco/Dance
Duration: 3:40

Yet another electronic style piece of music that I did using MadTracker. This time it is a remix of the front end title music to "Stranded". A game which was originally published by Cronosoft in 2006 (But the game is now available free from the C64 version's author's web site. Yet again, it is Drumatic and SuperWave P8 synthesizers music.