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Submissions have now closed. If you are too late with your entry, we'll be happy to host it on to the Friends/Contributors page for you.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the entrants who submitted their entries for the Sideways SEUCK compo. Voting has now closed. Results are revealed.

Also a huge thank you goes to my bro, Philip for the tape inlay rendering.

The SEUCK Redux versions of all games (Including prizes) have now been uploaded on to this page.

Click the disk icon underneath this message to download the WHOLE LOT and enjoy :o)

Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo 2010 - SEUCK Redux Goodies

We'll be moving each separate file to the Friends + Contributors page some time in the near future. But for now, enjoy the whole package :o)

In 1987, Sensible Software produced a utility called The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. This program allowed people to write their own games without the aid of programming knowledge. All you could do with SEUCK is draw your own players, enemies, create your own background and of course turn everything into a standalone game. SEUCK has been the main culprit for so many shoot 'em up games on the Commodore 64. If you take a look at Gamebase 64, and search "Created with SEUCK", you will get hundreds and hundreds of SEUCK games. Some good and some rather terrible ones as well. SEUCK could only create vertical scrolling shoot 'em up games, but people even had original ideas for SEUCK games, which were made possible.

Alienator '93 by Alf Yngve

For those of you who think it is impossible to do a simple cross hair shoot 'em up. You are absolutely wrong, as Alf proves that anything was possible with SEUCK. Alienator '93 is a prime example of the classic static screen/operation wolf style arcade game. Instead of killing humans, killing alien monsters.

Speed Demon by Ryan Chenery

Another impressive example of what nobody has ever done with SEUCK before. This time Speed Demon by Ryan Chenery. The use of a static screen, some limitations of enemy shooting, with a 2 player option. The clever 3D road effect was used by enemy bullets. But the game itself really stands out well in front of the crowd.

One step for man - One giant leap for SEUCK kind
In 2008, Jon Wells written a sideways scrolling version of Sensible Software's Shoot Em Up construction kit. This is actually a modified version of the original SEUCK, but instead of games scrolling vertically, they scroll horizontally. An impressive update to this classic utility. Later on in 2008 or maybe early 2009 (Cannot remember), Martin Piper started a subject on CSDB about SEUCK Redux. Although the comments in the forum turned into a playground, the SEUCK Redux project went ahead. This allowed people to improve their own SEUCK games if they had any sort of programming knowledge. You could improve the SEUCK engine by importing the original work files, adding extra weaponry, etc - but need your own programming knowledge to do that kind of thing..

There have only been a very few number of Sideways scrolling SEUCK games. I saw one or two videos of the games on YouTube, but none of the authors released their games. Perhaps they just wanted to make a video out of it.  I also saw a preview of a Sideways SEUCK game, by someone else who contacted me. The game does not seemed to been finished and I never heard about the game since last year. Also on Friday I saw a new game created with the Sideways SEUCK game, which impressed me a lot, called Cobra Mission by Indy Software. So now today I have decided to launch this new C64 competition .

The aim of this competition is to create your very own shoot 'em up / or whatever type of game you want using the Sideways Shoot Em Up Construction kit. Also this compo has been made to support the Sideways SEUCK project as well. (Visit this link for this production if you want to give it a go). The competition sounds easy enough, but we don't want to see rushed games, because that's bad.

The main aim of this compo is to design and create your own good quality looking Sideways SEUCK game in which must contain collectable items (As you'll find out in THE PRIZE section shortly). Your game can be anything, as long as it is 100% Sideways SEUCK with no enhancements programmed in to it. The theme for your game can be anything you like, as long as it does not bend the rules. It could something cartoonish, space blaster, combat, etc. However, we want to see really smart in game graphics which stand out and the game to play pretty well.

The winner of the Sideways SEUCK competition 2010 will receive a special prize. The prize will be a SEUCK Redux version of your game with additional enhancements, such as smart bombs or suitable power ups, new front end with music. We will also prepare a loading picture, cover design/rendering and a special tape master for the production, which will be released on to this page.

Although the competition is Sideways SEUCK. There are some general rules for this competition, which are as follows:

(Final revision: 23rd January 2010)

Submissions can be no later than 21st March 2010.

To submit your entry, please email with an attached .D64 / . T64 / .TAP (Or Zipped version) it to

This part of the page contains example games that were created using the Sideways SEUCK and direct links to the downloads (Of course these are from the Friends/Contributors page of the TND web site). (Click on each image for a download of the work).

Imaginator by Richard Bayliss (2008/2009)

Your blobby character has been trapped inside a dream of which is unfortunately a livid nightmare. Blubba has to make his way through 4 different zones, collecting bottles of potion and must meet his match with a terminator like dog called "The Imaginator". The only trouble is that poor Blubba has to explore the Castle, Water World, Clouds of Wisdom and the Imaginator's lair. Luckily for Blubba, he is armed with blob fire power and can kick those enemy butts while travelling. Sadly they can fight back. Can Blubba get out of his nightmare or has the Imaginator won?

Trash Course by Inferior Software (2009)

Once upon a time in a ... oh sod that. This is a game for 1 or 2 players in which you have to guide your trash collecting vehicles and collect trash bins. Watch out for the nasty animals and vehicles that get in your way. There is an illegal huge building guarded by a tank which needs to be destroyed, because those bad guys are contaminating the water with toxic slime. You have to drive your trash vehicle through four different zones which are. The town, the desert, the spooky forest and the road to your enemy's territory. Go give those bad guys a major blasting.

The Push by Anthony Burns (2009)

It is 1917 and you enter the Warzone. It is time to arm yourself and try and break through the treacherous battle field to rescue the good people. The enemy forces are strongly armed, and all you have is a rifle. Go give those buggernoses hell and remember your mission - Seek and destroy.

Nyaaaah! 11 by Richard Bayliss (2008/2009)

Snodge the Biblet strikes back in another Nyaaaah! series, this time in a Sideways  SEUCK adventure. The poor biblet cannot get any peace for the wicked. His village is under threat by a dangerous ruler. Snodge has to fight his way through 4 different zones to meet his match against the deadly ruler. He has to travel through The Forest of Bibletsville, where nasty biblets roam through the woods, The Biblet Barracks - where biblets are training for their mission. Unfortunately to get you. The dark woods of Biblets ville and finally the deadly volcano where the evil ruler dwells. Can Snodge save bibletsville, or will he become the evil ruler's din, dins?

Cobra Mission by Indy Software (2010)

Could this game be based on a classic Scramble type of game? It reminds me of that type of game. Guide your helicopter through different zones, blasting your missiles at enemy forces and rescue the captives who are stranded and need you to pick them up. A clever concept with SEUCK. Graphics are quite nice as well - even on a real C64/

Entry #001
4th Place

Name of game:
Author: WEC/Cosine

Poor Barney the cowfish has been swept away out to sea from his other half, Hannah. Can you help the poor little character across the coral reef to get back to her. During your journey, collect pearls that lie at the bottom of the coral reef. Good luck.

Screen shots:


Lovely graphics. Especially the sea bed. The game comes out nicely, a shame it doesn't last that long. - Richard
Nice graphics, but boring gameplay  - Gustav

Is the riffs digitalized? - C64Bestizer

Mainly for the quality of the graphics and the ideas which make it unlike other SEUCK games. Very clever. - Frank Gasking

Nice atmosphere in this one, and the reef looks very realistic. - Boxofficepoison

Very pretty but difficult to collect pearls without colliding with floor. - Jeff Ouellette

Excellent, the backgrounds are fantastic and the sounds add a lot of atmosphere - Merman

The graphics in this game are definitely worth mentioning! The game is pretty unique in style too, and definitely challenging. - Joonas Lindberg

Boring - gamerman

Average - Strongboy

Ok - Simon
Entry #002
5th Place

Name of game:
Tau Zeta
Author: Alf Yngve

Instructions: The first interstellar war was also the last one.
Two mighty civilizations clashed, staking everything on total victory...
...and both civilizations perished. Only a handful of survivors escaped the galactic holocaust, in the ships of the Tau Zeta squadron. You must guide the Tau Zeta squadron, carrying the last remaining members of your species, to a safe haven in the galaxy. But in the chaos of war, you may never know where fate and random chance might bring you. To safety... or into the enemy's home ground.

Screen shots:


I liked many of Alf Yngve's older SEUCK games, but seeing this game is sort of a breath of fresh air. Alf has put a lot of effort into the graphics, and game play. The game has a very clever concept and story line. A shame you can't read the scores though - They are alien scores anyway :o) - Richard

Don't like the first levels - Gustav

Tough one - again some brilliant ideas and touches from Alf, but I think Shaun just edges it. - Frank Gasking

I don't like this game very much since the sprites look like first drafts - Boxofficepoison

Nice backgrounds but bad controls - Jeff Ouellette

So many great moments, particular love the hi-res map screens - Merman

VERY good graphics, and clever SEUCK techniques! The game was a joy to play. - Joonas Lindberg

Average - Strongboy and Simon

Entry #003
2nd Place (Runner Up)

Name of game:
The Rocket Man
Author: Sea Software

An evil dragon and its private army have landed on the Earth! The population is running away, while the local hero, the robotic Rocket Man who tried to fight the evil back, has been imprisoned... Help him escape from the factory and lead him to the hidden cave, where the evil dragon lies!

Screen shots:
The original sideways SEUCK version
Second place redux version, featuring The tape loader and front end


What a breath of fresh air this game is. Nice colourful graphics, fun game play, fast and furious and really crazy. A worthy opponent.. - Richard

Nothing special, I'm afraid - Gustav

Fun game and refreshing different level designs in this one - Boxofficepoison

Pretty Nice - Jeff Ouellette

Tricky but good fun - Merman

Nice superhero shmup - Joonas Lindberg

Very good - Strongboy

Average - Simon

Entry #004
1st Place (2010 Sideways SEUCK Compo Winner)

Name of game:
Pour Le Merite (For Merit)
Author: Bamse

It is the year 1917, and Europe is at war. You are an ambitious German pilot, who steps into his red plane and fly into the enemy territory. His goal is to achieve a merit. Fight through 4 different levels through enemy territory. At the end of each level you are to participate in a dogfight challenge (Boss stage I guess).

The classic C64 games, Blue Max, Choplifter and Artillery duel inspired Bamse to create this fun game using Sideways SEUCK. I have also done some unheard music exclusively for this game. Sort of inspired by the music, Deep Strike by C64 legend, Rob Hubbard although this tune sounds nothing like Rob's tune :)

Note: This game was originally going to have 2 players, where one player can play a jeep (like Silkworm), but unfortunately due to problems with Sideways SEUCK, the author had to disable the second player. However he has included a work file, which you can load directly into Sideways SEUCK to enable the 2 player mode and try playing as the jeep, as well as plane if you really want to.

Screen shots:
The first place prize version. Tape loader, Front end, and tape inlay.

The tape inlay (An extra bonus for the main prize)

This game has very classic C64 1985 style graphics, and making it look movie based is a clever feature in the game. All levels in this game have been well thought out and the game plays really well. - Richard

Smooth gameplay with retro gfx - Gustav

Very balanced level designs and adorable vintage backgrounds. My favourite - Boxofficepoison

Way to clunky - Jeff Ouellette

Loved this, from the pilot running to the plane to the "film strip" border - Merman

Very nice World War themed shmup. The film effect was very well done - Joonas Lindberg

Average - Strongboy

Great - Simon

My game :) - Bamse

Entry #005
7th Place

Name of game:
God Slayer
Author: Jeffrey Ouellette

You are the Executioner of the evil Gods, it is your task, to seek out and destroy the rebelious bad gods. For this mission you are tasked with destroying three elder dieties who have allied against the forces of stability.

Game includes tune, Valiant One, which I wrote a while back. This tune now features on the front end of this game as I feel that it suits this title niceley. The tune was also featured on YouTube a few weeks back.

Screen shots:

The main character in the game reminds me a bit of Zelda. Some nice graphics and pretty tough game play. Very ficticious and good fun - Richard

Nice backgrounds, unfortunately bad collision and default sfx - Gustav

If it wasn't for the bad sprite/background collision, i'd give it a higher score - Boxoffice poison.

I'm the best - Jeff Oulette

Some good ideas, just needs the difficulty tweaking - Merman

Nice game, and the weapon system was pretty neat. - Joonas Lindberg

Average - Stongboy

Good - Simon

I've always wanted to slay a god. This game makes my dreams a reality - Batman

My head gets caught in the walls - Bamse

Entry #006
8th Place

Name of game:
Earth Super Force
Author: Joonas Lindberg

  Fly past the defences of the Meteoroids,  then destroy  some of their army. If they reach Earth before that, then nothing
on Earth can stop them...

Game includes tune, Earthspace, which I wrote using Martin Piper's newest version of the Element 114 Music Editor V1.2.

Screen shots:

Very 1984 like graphics, and some parts of the game are harder to see during game play. Not a bad game though. - Richard

Too rushed done - Gustav

The cheapest and most used ones of them all, i guess - Boxofficepoison

I'm in a tube? Who knew with these graphics? - Jeff Ouellette

Nice effort - Merman

I am the author of this game ......... - Joonas Lindberg

Average - Stongboy

Bad - Simon

Too cheap - Bamse

Entry #007
3rd Place (Second runner-up)

Name of game:
Author: Anthony Burns

  Help Diotima or Narcisa (or both characters) fight the evil creatures of Lamia (Sister of the defeated Vampire Queen Stryxia). Fight through 3 different zones and meet Lamia for the final battle.

Game includes a tune
, which I originally wrote for a previous game of Anthony's.

Screen shots:
Third place prize, and tape loader

At first, I though Sylphwyrm could be another Silkworm style game, but it proved me wrong. Clever monochrome graphics, and some nice ghouls and ghosts style attack waves. The closing gate effect works really well, and the evil bosses are cool too, but looks familiar to the bosses in Legion of the Damned 1 & 2. Clever concept - Richard

Stylish - Gustav

Technically well done but too grey for me and all been seen before - Boxofficepoison

Smooth and simple graphics, a little boring - Jeff Ouellette

Very nice, love the way the levels flow - Merman

Great graphics, great presentation. The game is pretty good too, and the challenge is reasonable: not too hard, but not walk-in-the-park-easy either. Great thing that it's a 2-player, too! - Joonas Lindberg

Average - Stongboy

Great - Simon

Entry #008
6th Place

Name of game:
Author: Aldo Chiummo

  You are Verde, a cute creature from The Rosa Tribe. Your friends have been kidnapped by some evil creatures. Your quest is to fly through and reach the evil creatures' nest and destroy the giant egg, to release your friends and make Rosa a much happier place once again. Good luck Verde :o)

The author also written some music exclusively for this game and note file. Cute game :o)

Screen shots:

A very cute and amusing little SEUCK title by Aldo. The game idea is simple, but gameplay is difficult. Some cute sound effects and funny characters. Who would have seen an animal that throws away it's head and grow a new one. The end boss stage is exceptionally clever. Aldo's first attempt at composing music for his game was a good result as well. - Richard

Cute Superfrog gfx - Gustav

Cuddly sprites, but no real surprises in this one - Boxofficepoison

Very nice graphics - Jeff Ouellette

Excellent cartoon graphics - Merman

Cool game with cutesey cartoon graphics - Joonas Lindberg

Good - Strongboy

Good - Simon

Here are the final results for the 2010 Sideways SEUCK Compo. (The lower the score, the higher ranking we get)

1st Place - Pour Le Merite by Bamse                                 69
2nd Place - The Rocket Man by Sea Software                  74
3rd Place - Sylphwyrm by Anthony Burns                            91
4th Place - Barney by WEC/Cosine                                    92
5th Place - Tau Zeta by Alf Yngve                                        93
6th Place - Verde by Aldo Chiummo                                   97
7th Place - God Slayer by Jeffrey Oulette                           98
8th Place - The Earth Superforce by Joonas Lindberg   110

I would like to say a Congratulations to BAMSE for winning this year's sideways SEUCK compo. Also well done to Sea Software with The Rocket Man, making second place, and Anthony Burns with Sylphwyrm coming third place. A huge thank you, but bad luck to all other entrants, below the top 3.

This year's Sideways SEUCK compo has had great entries, and there have been some good reaction regarding the releases.

Pour Le Merite wins a new front end, in the fixed SEUCK redux form, with additional enhancements like power ups for this game. Plus a rendered tape inlay cover (drawn by my brother, hopefully - as I have been struggling to draw a good fokker triplane for this prize) and a tape master. This will take some time, but hopefully will be worth the wait.

The Rocket Man, also wins a new front end, in the SEUCK redux form, but without additional enhancement features, a mastered tape, with exclusive loading music, loading picture (tap image) but with no tape inlay cover just SEUCK fixing.

Syphwyrm gets a new front end in the SEUCK redux form, no additional enhancements (except for SEUCK fixing), a tape loader master, with exclusive music but with no tape inlay cover. Just SEUCK fixing.

All other entries will be given a SEUCK redux version of their own game, but without any new front ends or exclusive loading pictures. The games will also have a tape master, with the TND dance-a-load loader tune and TND loading AD Pic

Once again, I would like to say a big thank you for your contribution to the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010 and we hope you will be looking forward to take part in the Vertical Scrolling SEUCK compo 2010 this Autumn.

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